r4bbit.teeth thesis 05.01.2023

r4bbit.teeth thesis 05.01.2023

the beauty in the grotesque.
rotting gore taking the place of once was full of innocence and life.
in death, there is something that is lost...
more than just a life and a soul;
why is a body disconnected from the being it once was---
seen as an object that once housed life.

Rabbit Teeth” is a concept collection that tells a narrative through four characters: the rabbit, the deer, the lamb, and the flowers. 

The rabbit represents the tainted innocence, the loss of naivety, fixated on the horrors of our own ephemerality.

The deer represents the dread of trying to accept, or even just acknowledge the reality of our delicate bodies and fragile existence. 

The lamb represents purity, childlike innocence, not yet exposed to the truth of our own mortality, with the wool over their eyes. 

The flowers are an omen, beautifully inviting, but often deceiving in their given meanings, the red spider lily symbolizes final goodbyes, death, and abandonment. 


The strong focus on materiality, through the use of hand knitting, needle-felting, and crochet, brings forward an illustrative quality to the pieces. 

The needle-felting specifically is used to mimic realistic textures of the animals depicted, capturing a certain tactility.

 The lace fabric in the collection hold a story of their own, being old tablecloths that belonged to my grandmothers.  

The imagery and the narrative tied to it can be uncomfortable, disturbing even, though it is contradicted by the physical comfort of the hand knits; the soft warmth, the devotion put into completing every stitch balancing the harsh realities of the story being told through them.


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