"ragdoll in the woods" - a r4bbit.teeth halloween

"ragdoll in the woods" - a r4bbit.teeth halloween

The first drop for r4bbit.teeth, on r4bbit-teeth.com, a Halloween special. "Ragdoll in the Woods" is inspired by American McGee's Alice, a concoction of cute and creepy.

walking through the woods one dark evening, something catches your eye, shining in your peripheral vision. turning your head, you see... a rabbit?

blood red with button eyes, hanging from a tree by a thick, steel chain. as you approach it, they seem to multiply... red, purple, white, beige, black... hanging down from the branches, staring you down. perplexed by this finding, you decide to leave it be & make your way back to somewhere familiar.

suddenly, a flash of black and red rushes past you. a pale hand touches your shoulder, belonging to a girl in a red cardigan, with cables twisting like intestines, wearing a bonnet with black rabbit ears hanging down past her waist.

"oooh, a guest!", she whispers, "we needed a quaint little lamb like you."

Bonnets are hand-knit with merino wool, linen, mohair-silk blend, & alpaca. Inner ears are needle-felted with merino wool roving onto cotton batting. Bows are silk ribbons from recycled saris. Ragdoll bunny charms are about 8in tall, crochet with merino wool, virgin wool, & mohair. Featuring knit i-cord bows, stainless steel ball chain & teeth charms, and mother of pearl, shell, & plastic button eyes.

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